Sunday, May 26, 2013

cheerleader next door swim party Stories

After the cheerleader next door and her two friends had jacked me off numerous times I was so horny to fuck one of them but I was still happy to cum on them. The season was over and they were graduating and asked me if it would be ok to use my backyard pool for a party. She said she cleared it with her mom. The question was do I want to have ten 18 year old cheerleaders in my own backyard in bikinis and getting wet. Of course. I asked her what she told her mom and she told her I was going out of town for the weekend. After the party started two nights later I kept my house lights off and sat inside jacking off nude watching out the back door. After it was going strong I put on my speedo and folded my hard cock down into it. I went out back on my patio and some of the girls that didn't know me gasped when they saw my hardon. The girl next door came over to me and grabbed my big hard package and squeezed it. She waved the other girls over and invited them to feel my cock. Soon a circle of girls in bikinis was around me and girl next door pulled my speedo down and she was so close it sprang up and slapped her chin as it rose. She directed all the girls to each stroke and touch my cock while she took her top to the sides and let her tight tits out. She was feeling real slutty and had a couple girls jack me until I spurt cum all over her tits and belly. They all squealed and I sat down in a chair on the patio and another girl with a micro bikini came over and sat beside me. She grabbed my cock and slowly jacked it for five minutes until it was rock hard again and she began jerking real fast and her tits were shaking and popped out of her bikini. I asked her if she wanted to fuck my cock and she said yes and pulled her bikini bottom to the side and slapped her pussy down my cock. I was so horny I stood up with her on me and laid her face down on the table and fucked her hard. I pulled out and spurt cum up her back and on her tight sexy ass. 

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